The Easiest Way To Shuck Corn: In The Microwave

The Easiest (And Most Unexpected) Way To Shuck Corn

Corn is one of the best things about summer -- eating perfectly sweet ears right off the cob is a summer rite. But cleaning corn is another story. There's the papery husk to deal with and all those thin, stringy silks that seem to go everywhere and stick to everything. Maybe you've used a brush to try to get them off the cob or some other method, but there are always stragglers. What if there were a method that left you with perfectly shucked corn with absolutely no silks? Well, there is.

The brilliant test kitchen editors at America's Test Kitchen have come up with a way that uses the microwave to partially steam the cobs so you can just slip them out of the husks, silks and all. Watch the video above to see the ingenious trick.

Main photo from Caitlinator, Flickr.

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