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East Hampton Library's Authors Night: Poets, Parties, Pretty in Pink

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A fan of the foodie memoir, I was eager to find the book 32 Yolks at this year's East Hampton Library's Authors Night. Needless to say, a formidable line had already formed in front of le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert, and his stack of books. Before asking for one for me, I decided to take a spin around the long tables to see authors poised to sell and sign; I browsed past presidential historian Douglas Brinkley and his book on FDR, Richard Zoglin, back with Hope in paperback, Vivian Gornick, a hero of mine at The Village Voice back in the day, past the throng around Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Ruth, Dick Cavett, and his lovely wife Martha Rogers seated half a tent away alphabetically.

Erica Jong had her Fear of Dying, the title a riff on the book that brought her to fame, Fear of Flying. Advocating joyful sex, for everyone and particularly for women, her fiction in the '70's second wave of feminism was groundbreaking. I came armed with Fanny, her 1980 novel she is developing for a television series with Julie Taymor directing; I wanted her to sign my first edition. The author nodded approvingly, saying Fanny was her favorite of the novels, and then emended, "No, they are all my favorites." I got back to Eric Ripert's table just in time to see the last 32 Yolks go. You have to be fast in the big tent.

Next: I was off to Michael Braverman's, for cocktails and dinner. Fortunately for me, Eric Ripert was a guest of honor for his third Hamptons Magazine cover. I snagged a 32 Yolks, swapping out the volume on my chair. Our hosts encouraged us to do so; everyone was happy with this party favor. I wanted to read the books of all the writers feted here: Ally Hilfiger, William Norwich, Michael Gross, and Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. Braverman has one of the most impressive personal libraries on the east end, a book lined room with ladders to help reach the heights. The Hamptons' wine columnist, he spoke about the East Hampton library, one of the very first in America, in the lineage of Benjamin Franklin's pioneering efforts. Chez Braverman, books and authors may take pride of place, and so does wine. Celebrated at this elegant gathering were divine roses: paired with a roasted chanterelle starter and grilled halibut were two from Chateau D'Esclans, "Rock Angel" (2014) and "Garrus" (2012), proving, pink does go with everything.

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