Like You, This Giant Clock Is Counting Down The Remaining Hours Of Trump's Term

The mysterious artwork was installed in Queens by a group of anonymous artists this summer.
Colombina Valera

In June, a band of artists furtively installed a massive, red, digital clock on the exterior of a building on the Queens waterfront. The mysterious timepiece has been counting down, day by day, hour by hour, ever since.

The giant clock ― perhaps like you ― is marking the hours until President Donald Trump’s first term comes to a close. The piece was executed by a group of New York artists and creatives including Brandon Stosuy, the editor of The Creative Independent, and multimedia artist Matthew Barney. It lives on the facade of Barney’s Long Island City studio and is visible from Manhattan.

The creators of the project are doing their best to remain anonymous, hoping the mystery shrouding the installation will contribute to its impact on passersby. In an email to HuffPost, Stosuy wrote: “People know who made it, but our ideal is for folks to focus on the clock itself, and not who made it, if that make sense.”

Eli Durst

Last week DNAinfo published a piece connecting the clock’s ticking digits to Trump’s time left in office. “It’s a reminder that a lot [of] people can’t wait until it’s over, as well as just a reminder,” Stosuy said of the project. “It’s also a bit like a durational test — a reminder to try to hold on until the end.”

Right now the clock still has well over a thousand days to go. However, if by some chance Trump’s term is terminated early, the clock is programmed to skip to zero. It’s unclear how the clock will react if the world comes to an untimely end before election day 2020.

For those interested in visiting the physical embodiment of their unrelenting anxiety, head to the East River waterfront in Long Island City, Queens.

Colombina Valera

Correction: An earlier edition of this article mistakenly stated the clock was counting down until election day 2018. We regret the error.

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