'Eastbound And Down' Trailer Makes Second Season Look Promising (VIDEO)

The much anticipated second season of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's hilarious HBO comedy "Eastbound And Down" is finally almost here, and today the first trailer featuring actual footage from the show was released. Previously, all we really knew about this new season is that it would pick up where season one left off, with its defunct baseball star Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) driving away from everyone he knows and loves.

We had already heard that the second season is set in Mexico, which is definitely confirmed in the trailer below, but a few other things are confirmed that make us even more excited for the show's September 26 premiere. First, Kenny gets corn rows. At some point he shoots a gun, he obviously joins a Mexican baseball league, and he definitely participates in a cock fight. We can't wait to find out more! (Via The Daily What)