Easter Bunny Inadvertently Hands Out Eggs Stuffed With Condoms At Texas Elementary School

“Not sure this is the Austin weird I signed up for."

A parent dressed as the Easter Bunny inadvertently handed out colorful eggs stuffed with condoms at an elementary school in Austin last week.

Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but a handful contained packages of condoms, The Houston Chronicle reported.

One father took to Twitter to discuss the incident:

According to a tweet thread among parents, it appeared to be an innocent error, per the Chronicle.

One of the parents, who works at a pharmacy, had been dressed as the Easter Bunny for a safe-sex presentation at an area clinic. She kept the costume on when she arrived at the school to pick up her second-grader and was immediately mobbed by the children.

In response, the woman handed out eggs filled with candy. When she ran out, she asked her husband to get more and he apparently brought back some bad eggs.

“Chaos ensued,” Jenson noted in a tweet.

The school district is now reviewing its safety protocols.

George P. Bush, a candidate for Texas attorney general, went down a rabbit hole over the incident, calling it “disgusting” and illegal:

One parent told Bush that he should have read more about the incident before inappropriately blowing up:

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