Easter Bunny Hops Into Fight On Streets Of Orlando, Florida

A man and a woman were fighting in Orlando when the bunny suddenly came up and started throwing rabbit punches.

He didn’t carrot all for his own safety.

A fight on the streets of Orlando, Florida, was busted up Sunday thanks to a guy in an Easter Bunny costume.

A video posted on Instagram shows a man and a woman fighting after the man reportedly bumped into her, according to local station WKMG TV.

The woman seems to be doing a good job on her own when the bunny joins the brawl and starts throwing what the station referred to as “rabbit punches.”

The fight was quickly broken up by a bystander and a bike cop, according to Orlando Weekly.

An Orlando Police Department official told the paper no one was charged in the tussle.

“The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved,” Sgt. David Baker told the paper. “No arrests or reports were completed.”

However, the video does show the bunny shadowboxing and chest bumping fellow Easter revelers after the battle royale.



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