Easter Candy: How Many Calories Are You <em>Really</em> Eating? (QUIZ)

QUIZ:Many Calories Are In Your Easter Candy?

Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps -- Easter candy is festive, fun and nearly irresistible. In fact, Americans love their seasonal sweets so much, we'll shell out more than $2 billion on Easter treats this year, up 11 percent from last year's spending, according to the National Retail Federation. The average person will spend $20.35 on those bunnies, eggs and jelly beans.

But all those treats will also cost you calories. If you ate one serving of everything in this quiz, you'd rack up almost 3,500 calories -- almost as many as you should eat in two days! We know those Cadbury Cremes are only available once a year; just pick and choose when to indulge, and do so in moderation!

Think you can identify a serving of your favorite Easter treats? Know which ones pack the most fat or sugar? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

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Photos by Damon Dahlen/AOL

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