Easter Craft Ideas: An Adorable DIY Sock Bunny For Easter Baskets

A Cute Bunny For Any Easter Basket

Easter crafts don't get much simpler -- or cuter -- than these rice-filled sock bunnies. We can't get over those lovable faces! They'll look adorable sitting in a colorful Easter basket come Sunday morning, and they only take a second to make. All you need is a fun pair of children's socks (blogger Kate Gould got hers for $1) and you're ready to get started. Keep reading for the how-to.

Photo by Kate Gould of A Creative Cookie

For this project, you will need a child's sock, a bag of rice, scrap felt, pom poms, rubber bands and ribbons. First, fill your sock up to the heel with rice and close it off with a rubber band. Then, tie a ribbon in a bow toward the center of the sock to make your bunny's head. Next, cut the top of the sock down the middle, rounding off the sides to form ears. Using scrap pieces of felt, cut out eyes, teeth and whiskers to give your bunny facial features and glue them in place. As a finishing touch, glue a pom pom to the back of your sock to give your bunny a cute, fluffy tail.

For the full tutorial, visit A Creative Cookie.

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