Easter Trees Are A Thing, And Apparently We Know Nothing

The Bunny's gotta land somewhere.

There are many crafty ways to celebrate Easter: Easter eggs, Easter baking, Easter garlands...

But THIS may be the most tree-lightful tradition we've seen yet. Behold, the Easter tree:

Apparently, the Easter tree concept is nothing new. Search for Easter trees on Pinterest, and you'll find all sorts of bedazzled faux foliage decorated with garlands, ribbon, ornaments, plastic eggs, fake flowers and stuffed creatures of various springtime orientations.

Some families choose to put gifts under the tree, or perhaps empty Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill. Others leave it as a festive reminder that tree crafting knows no seasonal bounds...

In case you were wondering, people decorate Fourth of July trees and Halloween trees, too.

Most Easter trees start with an artificial white tree and some plastic eggs. Or you can try Martha Stewart's toned-down version by arranging classy branches in a vase with real eggshells.

Either way, an Easter tree is a great DIY craft to remind your kids -- and yourself -- that every day is one to be celebrated.

Hoppy Easter!

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