From Pierogies To Paprikash: 11 Eastern European Recipes

From Pierogies To Paprikash: 11 Eastern European Recipes

Eastern Europe cuisine has so much flavor to offer from spices like paprika, herbs like dill, and ingredients like sour cream -- all are used throughout the area. In fact you'll find different versions of recipes, for example stuffed cabbage, in each and every nation -- there is a lot of overlap. That's because eastern Europeans share a common history along with similar preferences for rich and hearty dishes.

In our collection of recipes, you'll find all the classics and a few new versions of traditional dishes. Look for chicken paprikash, beef goulash, pierogies, kielbasa, borscht and many other dishes. Work your way through these recipes and you'll learn that the comfort these recipes offer are a direct reflection of the humble, warm hearts of the eastern European people. These dishes are the type of food you'll want to enjoy all winter long.

Chicken Paprikash

Eastern European recipes

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