Eastwooding PHOTOS: Send Us Your Pictures Inspired By Clint Eastwood's Epic Speech

It used to be that talking to an empty chair was just another sign that you're a few chips short of a motherboard. But then again, it's not like the Republican Party's platform is based on careful observation of fact, anyway.

Regardless of where you stand in the political spectrum, Eastwood's ludicrous speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday, during which the Hollywood vet addressed an invisible Obama presumably seated in an empty chair placed near Eastwood, is something we can all enjoy. Clearly, "Eastwooding" (the act of pointing at an empty chair and invoking President Obama) has become the meme du jour, following Clint's now-infamous speech.

To wit: Here's a slideshow to which you can add your own Eastwooding photos. All you need is a camera and an empty chair, which makes it easier than planking and less controversial than Tebowing or Bolting.

So go ahead, show everyone what you've got.

America Is 'Eastwooding'