What's For Dinner: The Easiest Sesame-Broiled Salmon Ever

It's that good.

Here’s how tonight’s dinner is going to go down. First, you’re going to mix together a handful of ingredients ― garlic, lime juice, soy sauce, honey and oil ― and you’re going to marinate have salmon filets in it.

During the 30 minutes it takes for the salmon to marinate, you’ll do three things. First, preheat the broiler. Second, start cooking some white rice. Third, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.

When that half hour is up, you just have to broil the scallions and then the salmon for less than 10 minutes total. And then, you get to serve yourself a dinner so good you’ll feel like a natural-born chef. (But don’t quit your day job.)

Watch the video above to see how it’s done. If you prefer to read a written recipe, head over to Bon Appetit.

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