A Ridiculously Long List Of Easy DIY Projects For Your Home

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Channel your creative side with these totally easy DIY projects. From DIY life hacks to home decor ideas, we rounded up some of our favorite tutorials so you can get your craft on!

Almost Makes Perfect

Make the gift-giving process fun and affordable by DIY-ing a treat for your loved ones. Rather than breaking the bank on something impersonal, put your imagination to the test and create a gift they’ll really remember.


Art for your home can be extremely expensive. Large oil paintings and professional prints are impressive, but definitely more of a long-term investment. Luckily, you can still get your hands on great art without breaking the bank. All you have to do is take a look at what’s already lying around your home. Neck scarves, ticket stubs, stamps and even shopping bags can be transformed into beautiful art displays that are sure to wow your guests.

A Beautiful Mess

Put your old sweaters to good use and DIY a pom-pom hat for the chilly temps ahead. Make a stylish woven basket with spare paper. Or use random ingredients in your kitchen to craft the most scrumptious batch of s’mores you’ve ever had.

A Beautiful Mess

One great way to not burn through all your dough is to make your own gifts. Channel your inner crafter and knit, weave, sew and/or cook your gifts this year. Not only will you scratch your DIY itch, but you’ll have gifts that will really mean something to the people you give them to. There’s just one thing to note: homemade gifts ― the really nice ones ― take time. You should start now.


Whether you want to pull out a paint set, organize an area of your home, or bake something delicious, these projects from some of our favorite home bloggers will certainly pique your interest.


The piles of tangled necklace chains, earrings that have lost their mates, banged up bangles — and let’s not forget the jewelry graveyard located behind your dresser — have gotten totally out of hand. Thankfully there are tons of clever folks out there on Pinterest (obviously) who are treasure troves for clever hacks and DIY projects that’ll not only get us organized but will also add some pizazz to our decor. Who knew a cheese grater was the perfect earring holder? Or that a tree branch was the perfect necklace display? We didn’t — but now we do and we’re loving it!

Homey Oh My

In a few simple steps, you can transform shabby-looking boxes — like shoe boxes or moving boxes — into beautiful storage spaces with wrapping paper, fabric and even spare wallpaper.


Cost effective, stress-free and even fun, DIY goodies are a great way to impress your loved ones without totally losing your mind during the busiest time of the year.

Hello Natural

Bottles of wine are brought out to celebrate, unwind and dine lavishly. But the party doesn’t have to stop when the bottle is empty. There are plenty of ways to reuse wine bottles and craft them into handy tools or stylish decor.

The Gromet/Pinterest

The kitchen is hands-down our favorite room in the house... and not just because of food prep. The kitchen is a place where form meets function, and if things are streamlined, every task flows as smoothly as melted butter into a bowl. Thank goodness for DIY tips that totally change the kitchen game. From steam-cleaning a microwave to the most genius way to freeze soup, it’s already hard to imagine how we lived without these hacks.


Great gifts are those that are thoughtful, so why not make it your mission to DIY goodies for your friends that actually mean something? For everyone on your list, think of who they are and what they need. To help get you started, check out a few handmade projects from our favorite bloggers


Scroll through some ideas below from our favorite bloggers to get you in the mood to be creative.

The House That Lars Built

Give your gifts a boost before giving them away with these flower gift toppers. It’s the best way to get rid of all the extra tissue paper you’re bound to have lying around.

Morning Recipes

The clever world of toilet paper roll crafts boasts an impressive amount of projects that can be conjured up with a piece of cardboard that usually incurs waves of dread. The best part about these eco-friendly crafts? Even if you mess up, odds that you can still recycle them are high.

Delia Creates

The key to picking a good weekend project is to keep it light. No one wants to return to the office on a Monday more exhausted than when they left on Friday. So, to get your creative juices flowing, we rounded up eight of our favorite DIYs for you to try this weekend.

Earnest Home Co

We’re sure you have the same decorations you pull out for the holiday year after year. But in the spirit of trying new things, check out one of these adorable yet sophisticated DIY projects. From Shibori-themed dyed eggs to a modern yet minimal DIY tablescape, your Easter Sunday will be filled with love, laughter and beautiful decorations.

The House That Lars Built

Whether you’re planning on a Netflix binge or hosting a chill group of friends at your place, try one of the DIYs below to ring in the new year with a little creativity. From festive (gold-fringed party hats) to fun (handmade stamps), you’ll definitely find something to start the year off right.

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