Easy Guide to Manifesting Miraculous

What is manifestation? Bringing the invisible to the visible. Manifesting seems a bit "woo" or so I've been told, but let's be clear I'm not a fan of that word. What is "woo" anyway? I mean, we are living breathing beings with the ability to walk upon this breathtaking planet, gracefully orbiting a massive ball of fire known as the sun. But, manifesting your desires is woo?

I'm here to tell you the secret to manifesting your desires. In fact, once you begin manifesting you may find out that your desires are a bit different than you originally imagined. Your ego wants begin to fall away while your soul speaks more clearly. Your subconscious begins to focus in on what's truly in alignment with your highest good. This is where the magic happens. But how does one begin to consciously manifest?

The saying, "thoughts become things" is the absolute truth. I remember considering this while wondering why in the hell haven't I manifested all of these things that I desire? The answer became apparent as my practice deepened, I was cancelling my desires out with fear. You see, I wanted theses situations and materials but I also believed it was impossible. Yes, I focused on my not good enough, not capable more than the realm of possibilities.

Do you do this? Most people do! Here's the test. Close your eyes, and begin to think about what you desire. Your mind will push play on your mental projector, the items passing through your awareness. Now GO BIGGER. What do you really desire? Your mind/body will shut the thought down, it will feel like I can't have that.

That's the first problem. These fears and doubt keep us stuck! So how can we breakthrough?

Remember who and what you really are. The short-cut? Get outside for a manifestation meditation, often. The good news for all of you who are new to meditation? You can do this while walking, with your eyes open. This is a contemplative meditation. Here's how it works...

Go outside, connect with the true essence of nature. Take off your shoes (if it's warm enough!) and walk in the dirt, grass, sand to connect with our Mother, this planet. Thank the planet for nourishing you with food and water throughout your lifetime. Now here's where we clear our perception to welcome in ideas to take inspired action. Take 20 minutes and tune into the abundant nature of our Universe. Begin with a prayer asking (Source, God, Universe, Infinite Power) that you now see the abundance all around.

Take a deep breathe, notice the air fill your lungs and exhale slowly. Touch the plants, notice the leaves on trees, hold a leaf up to the light to take in the intricacies of the plants inner-workings. You'll see that there is so much more than meets the eye. This is not only the truth for plant life but for us. Continue to notice the seemingly endless life EVERYWHERE. Life upon life. Too many plant species to count, the colors, the shades, the beauty the grace. Take it all in, with a deep appreciation for all life. Here's the most important part, remind yourself that you are nature!

Yes! We are nature, we are also abundant, free and beautiful. We have access to the Universal Mind, infinite ideas but first we must see beyond the walls we've built around ourselves.

Decide to align with the Truth about you right in this very moment. When we aren't aligned with our Truth, we feel fear and worry. I lived nearly two decades disconnected from my Truth and I was miserable.

I'm now connected with my light. The same light that animates you. I take leaps of faith often and the net appears, in fact that net is better than I even imagined. When it first happens, you will say, "oh sh*t! I can't believe this." but in time you realize your power and you simply thank the Universe. Here's my most recent love letter to the Universe when I manifested my new place as I drove across country.


That's how it works once you take the steps and begin. Are you ready to align with your highest good and allow your thoughts become things -- without the fear? It's your time.

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