11 Easy (Like, Really Easy) Long Hair Tutorials You Can Actually Do

Not sure what you can do with your wild pandemic hair? We've got you covered.
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Our hair, like our patience during the pandemic, has been forced to grow. And even though many salons are open now, those of us staying home out of an abundance of caution are living with much longer hair than we’re used to. And you may have absolutely no idea what to do with it, aside from tossing it back into a ponytail.

Pinterest and Instagram are flush with intricate, detailed hair tutorials for waterfall braids and French twists that look awesome but feel completely out of reach. That’s not what we’ve got for you here. We’ve gathered the best simple tips and tricks to upgrade your updo ― styles you’ll actually want to wear every day.

Below, try out these 11 long hair hacks that will give you something to do and help you look cute on Zoom.

1. A Bella Hadid-inspired retro ponytail

2. A wrapped ponytail

3. Half-up, half-down

4. An actually easy-to-follow braid

5. A curl hack

6. A snatched pony


How to get a snatched pony easier than ever before! #ponytail

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

7. A swoop bun

8. A Frenchie

9. A big, fluffy bun

10. A twist on the French twist

11. Two messy buns

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