What's For Dinner: Mapo Tofu, Your Best Bet For Finally Liking Tofu

Yes, even you can mapo.

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If you’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more tofu into your cooking, but can’t imagine a meal without meat, mapo tofu basically exists for you. It’s one of the easiest Chinese restaurant menu staples you can make at home. Plus, mapo tofu is a perfect weeknight meal. Not only is it hearty, filling and easy to make, but it’ll satisfy that craving you have for takeout. (Resist the urge and save money!)

Mapo tofu is traditionally made with tofu, a spicy sauce and a ground meat. The recipe we found uses pork and a lot of good spices. The video above by Bon Appetit shows just how quickly this fragrant meal comes together.

You can get the written Mapo Tofu recipe at Bon Appetit.

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