Easy Penny-Pinching, Money-Saving Tricks for Working Folks On The Go

These days, it's not that easy to stash your cash. If you don't have a solid game plan going into the game, you can't get uppity and frustrated when your bank account is empty come the end of the month.

For those who are constantly busy and on the go, it's import to be mindful of your budget so you can set some money aside for the future. Pinching pennies isn't nearly as tough as you might imagine. Just use these simple money-saving tips to get started.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Lunch is not cheap. If you eat out, you can easily spend $5 or more per day. Factored over 20 working days in a month, you are splurging on $200 worth of eats. Over a year, that's $2,400 that you could have had in the bank. Instead, pack a lunch and save over two grand a year. How easy was that?

Shop for Cheap Gas

A penny saved is a penny earned. So if there are easier ways to pinch these pennies, then by all means do so. A number of free applications exist for iPhones and Android phones that locate the cheapest gas station near you. Imagine if you could save $10 or more each time you filled up... how much would that add up to over a year of commuting?


Speaking of commuting, what about carpooling? They make an app for that, too. Chances are fair that you may even find a person that you work with by using such an app, provided the company has enough employees. It's a great way to reduce your gas costs and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Reinvent Recreation

Sure, dinner and a movie sounds great. Really great. But when you are doing this every single weekend, the pennies add up quickly. Think about it. $50 on dinner, $25 on a movie, $20 at the snack bar, gas costs. When you get down to it, you could be tapering in excess of $400 from your budget by making a simple change, dining in, popping some popcorn and renting a movie instead.

These are but a few simple tips that make common sense for most people's budgets. Don't forget that you can use budgeting applications for your smartphone or computer to get a better handle on your budget. What's more, it never hurts to get in touch with a financial advisor so you can better plan for the future that will someday arrive.

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