11 Unbelievably Easy Swaps To Be More Eco-Friendly

How to live a more sustainable lifestyle, one product swap at a time.

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Ditching cotton balls for reusable cotton rounds is just one sustainable swap you can make.
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Ditching cotton balls for reusable cotton rounds is just one sustainable swap you can make.

Climate change and the environment are front of mind for many people right now. Figuring out how to live a more sustainable lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but there are small changes everyone can make to stop being so wasteful.

From plastic-free shampoo bars to shoes made from recycled materials, there are several ways to make a more eco-friendly home. Check out this list of some of the best reusable products you can use on your journey to becoming more eco-friendly.

Take a look below:

Pack your lunch with reusable bags
Stasher Bags are nontoxic, reusable silicone bags that you can use as sustainable alternatives to plastic baggies or containers. These dishwasher- and microwave-friendly pouches come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can pack your lunch sustainably -- and in style. Get them on Amazon .
Hit the grocery store with reusable produce bags
If you live somewhere where plastic bags are banned or taxed, you’ve probably already seen reusable grocery bags around. Grab a few of these durable and reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, to hold dirty laundry while traveling or to carry home your haul from the farmers market. Get them on Amazon.
Brush up with a more sustainable toothbrush
Stop throwing away a plastic toothbrush every few months. Instead, opt for an electric brush with replaceable heads. Quip makes a stylish, compact electric toothbrush that’s also convenient — just sign up for the subscription service and you can choose to receive replacement heads , toothpaste and floss automatically every three months. Learn more at Quip.
Brew coffee without the waste
Brew the same delicious coffee, just with less waste. Snag a reusable coffee filter for your next pour-over brew -- and the next, and the next. These metal filters are easy to clean by rinsing in the sink and fit most Chemex pour-over brewers. Get it on Amazon.
Ditch cotton balls for these reusable makeup rounds
Washable cotton rounds may not make your nighttime routine less tedious, but they can save you from tossing dozens of cotton rounds or cotton balls each month. Simply add warm water and your preferred makeup remover for a fresh face before bed. Get them on Amazon.
Collect your food scraps in a kitchen compost bin
Begin your composting journey with this indoor bamboo compost bin. Instead of scraping the last bits of dinner into the trash, scoop them into this dishwasher-safe compost bin that is small enough to fit on a counter or under the sink. Even if you don’t have a backyard to do your own composting, this bin is a good way to collect your scraps to drop off at your local compost collection site. Get it on Amazon.
Clean up with refillable, eco-friendly products
Cleaning with Blueland is simple: All you do is drop nontoxic cleaner or soap tablets into a water-filled bottle. Blueland’s clean essentials kit comes with four “forever” bottles and tablets for multisurface cleaner, glass and mirror cleaner, bathroom cleaner and hand soap for just $38. Learn more at Blueland.
Make the switch to menstrual cups
It’s hard to find a downside to menstrual cups: They’re eco-friendly and don’t have to be replaced for up to 12 hours. They can also save you a bunch of cash each month because one silicone menstrual cup can last for years if properly cared for. Get it on Amazon.
Get purified water without the one-use plastic bottles
Pitchers with water filters are an easy way to hydrate without buying countless packs of plastic water bottles. You can find pitchers of any size, and even a Brita-filtering travel water bottle for life on the go. Get it on Amazon.
Lather up with shampoo bars
Skip the bulky plastic bottles with these shampoo bars from Lush. Each one is designed to last up to 80 washes, meaning you'll be smelling fresh for months before needing a replacement. Check out the selection of shampoo bars at LUSH.
Rock sustainable sneakers
Try Allbirds if you want a pair of stylish shoes made from eco-friendly materials. Allbirds uses merino wool, recycled plastic bottles for the laces, castor bean oil for insoles and recycled cardboard for the packaging. Browse men's styles and women's styles at Allbirds.

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