7 Easy Ways To Set Your Dining Table Like The Magazines

A classy, creative table setting can totally change the mood of a meal -- and your entire home, for that matter. And apparently, getting that magazine-polished look isn't as hard as we thought.

Thanks to a snappy how-to video from the pros at West Elm, we now know 7 super-easy ways to make our dining tables look photo-fabulous, just in time for the holidays.

1. Use succulents as a centerpiece.
They're easy to care for, and they make a simple, earthy statement.

2. Add color with bowls of fruit.
Fruit is easy to swap in and out for whatever pop of color your table needs at the moment.

3. For dishes, stack white bowls on white plates.
The all-white look is easy, breezy and beautiful.

4. Stick to natural materials.
Wooden tabletops, bowls and coasters are delightfully laid-back.

5. Make your centerpiece edible.
A beautiful cheese board serves as both table decor and food. BAM.

6. Bring on the glitter!
Sprinkle it across your tabletop -- and skip the tablecloth -- for a dose of classy fun.

7. Add playful accessories.
Graphic plates, mismatched candles and festive party favors let guests know they're here to have a good time.

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