8 Easy Ways To Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Woman making a muscle
Woman making a muscle

When you’ve got an overflowing plate, it’s easy to toss those non-essential to-dos on the back burner. And if your life is a marathon of sprints from one event to the next, a blue mood bringing you down is the last thing you need.

Confidence isn’t a self-sustaining feeling. Rather, it ebbs and flows with us, feeding on our positive (and negative) energies with a complete disregard for our jam-packed schedules. Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant to round up eight mood-boosting tricks you can take with you when you’ve got no time to slow down

1. Swipe on some lipstick
red lipstick
If you’re looking for a fast and easy pick-me-up, look no further than your beauty bag. Believe it or not, lipstick (yes, lipstick!) has curative properties ... er, that is, it’ll cure a sullen mood and timid demeanor. Lipstick has been lifting spirits since the Depression era, and now there’s science to prove why. Turns out, the brighter your lipstick and blush, the younger and more confident you appear. That’s science we can get behind.

2. Snap a selfie
Feeling fierce in a new outfit? Having a particularly #blessed hair day? Capture -- and enhance -- your confidence with a snapshot. Turns out, selfies can be empowering because they promote healthy self-image and self-love. So, next time someone judges your selfie taking, 1) ignore it and 2) you do you.

3. Strike a pose
power pose
Amy Cuddy taught us about the power of body language and power posing, but it turns out that the Superman stance does a lot more for you beyond making you feel invincible. Scientists call it “embodied cognition”; for us laymen, think of it as your body tricking your brain into feeling more powerful. It’s as simple as standing taller, sitting straighter and unfolding your arms when you’ve unintentionally crossed them.

4. Fake it till ...
black woman city sky
Can pseudo confidence work as well as the real thing? Forget the old adage that you should “fake it till you make it” and replace it with the belief that you should fake it till you become it. Think of it as a confidence-as-placebo effect: you trick your body into feeling more powerful, and suddenly you really do feel more powerful. Feigning confidence is as easy as speaking slower and walking faster, two mannerisms that radiate self-assurance. Need a trick that’s even easier to pull off? Toss on a black or red shirt. One study showed that those colors can make you appear more powerful, confident and assertive.

5. Look good, feel better
It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel better -- cue the above placebo effect! Wear clothes that make you look and feel confident, get a haircut that leaves you feeling fresh and powerful, and use beauty products and fragrances that make you feel like you can take on the world. The best part? Studies prove that we’re more confident when we know we smell good. So go ahead, spritz away!

6. Catch up with joe
drinking coffee
Boost your confidence in the time it takes to brew yourself a strong cup of coffee. Turns out those caffeine addicts are on to something, as studies have shown that a cup of joe is a great source of powerful, body-protecting antioxidants that can boost your mood and invigorate your brain. Bonus: Even if you don’t have time to brew at home, you can grab a cup of coffee practically anywhere, anytime. Let’s just call it on-the-go confidence in a cup.

7. Get back to basics
woman kid outside
Think of confidence as part of the holistic self. That starts by treating yourself the way you would treat a child: enjoy a healthy meal, spend time outside each day, don’t put yourself in danger, limit your screen time and get plenty of rest. With the foundation of a healthy, positive lifestyle, your self-confidence will thrive. Looking for some instant gratification? Take your next conference call outside. Turns out spending time in the great outdoors boosts brain function and builds confidence. So, who’s up for some gardening?

8. Grin ear to ear
woman smiling
Smiling is good for you twofold -- not only does it lift your mood, but it also reduces your stress levels. That’s because showing off your pearly whites through smiling requires you to use muscles closer to your eyes, and that produces a positive change in brain activity. Basically, if you’re going to will yourself into smiling to lift your spirits, make sure it’s a toothy grin because that’ll give you the biggest mood boost. Plus, that red lipstick from earlier will leave your smile looking whiter and brighter. If that’s not a reason to smile, we’re not sure what is.

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