Easy Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly

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Sustainability means a great deal to me. Since high school when I learned about climate change, I became very passionate about the environment and making changes to positively impact our earth. Initially I thought that climate change was irreversible and that little could be done. Over the years I've realized that once others learn about my passion for sustainability they begin caring about sustainability as well, and big positive impacts occur with more people making sustainable choice.

Here are some easy ways to make big changes!

1. Consume fewer animal products

You don’t have to become a vegan or vegetarian, but choosing to eat more vegan/vegetarian meals and snacks will significantly help the environment and your health.

2. Use a bigger recycling bin and place more around

Make recycling convenient for yourself and recycle anything you can.

3. Buy products with less packaging

Choose items with less packaging, especially in the grocery isle.

4. Use tupperware containers instead of plastic bags

They will save you money in the long run!

5. Use towels and cloth napkins

You may need to buy more towels, but you’ll be waisting less paper!

6. Turn the heat down and wear warmer clothes in the winter

Socks and a sweatshirt will be your best friend.

7. Schedule errands to save gas

Try to make your drive short and efficient.

8. Buy less

Try and buy less disposable items and think about the impact your purchases are making on the environment. Also, bring your own shopping bag!

9. Turn off lights, electronics and unplug your outlets

Never leave anything on when it isn’t in use.

10. Line dry

This will help your clothes, wallet and environment.

11. Take shorter showers

Close the drain when showering to visual how much water you use. This will help you use less!

12. Share with friends and family

In order for change to occur people need to be informed and have passion for the environment. Share the changes you are making with your friends and family in hopes that they will make changes too! Together we can reduce our impact!