Bibliographies Made Easy

The web has this mystical power to take horrible dragons and turn them into gentle and loving kittens. An example is the bibliography. What used to be an gnarly battle involving ye olde card catalogue, thick citation manuals and reams of paper, is now an easy type-and-cite kind of deal. The eight ton kitty in the online bibliography space is Easybib.

We'd argue it's one of NYC's most extraordinary startups. Founded just after startups were called dot coms, by Darsan Somashekar (co-founder of and Neal Taparia while they were in high school, the company has weathered a couple of economic cycles with a lean team and now is hiring rapidly. They make online citations a snap and service nearly half (half?!) of the U.S. student population in a given year and just crossed the half-billion mark in terms of citations created.

While they have a department that focuses solely on developing school relationships, most growth comes from students. "Professors typically find out about us through their students, and Librarians are big promoters of Easybib. It actually solves a big problem for them."

If you can win over librarians, you've got us.

Now go forth and (slay dragons)!

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