6 Simple Ways To Eat Healthier


By Lonneke Engel for YouBeauty.com

The questions I get asked the most are: "I want to eat healthy. I want to get in shape. How do I do that? What should I eat? I am confused!"

I have to admit, eating healthy is confusing. The grocery aisles have become a marketing maze that's nearly impossible to navigate. For instance, some foods labeled "low-fat," contain such a large amount of sugar it can make you fat! (The excess energy from calorie-laden sugar is converted to fat in your body.) Also, a lot of foods you thought were great for you many contain so many artificial ingredients, or are so processed that they are not good for you at all.

Cook For Yourself

The Bottom Line

Educate yourself. Know what you eat at every meal. Eat what you love, but eat in moderation and take in the real deal -- real veggies and fruits -- there is no substitute for that!

I love the books Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen wrote, the "You" books. For instance "You: The Owner's Manual," is full of great tips to keep your body healthy, with some useful recipes as well. And of course Dr. Oz speaks about healthy foods all the time on The Doctor Oz Show and on his radio show.

If you want to learn what's best for you, just read, listen and watch anything that is giving you the right information about your food. I take in all information on food that I can!

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