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'Eat It, Don't Tweet It' Hilariously Lampoons 'Culinary Paparazzi' In Song (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hilarious Musical Take-Down Of 'Culinary Paparazzi'

These days, you don't need to dine during a lightning storm or next to Beyonce and Jay-Z to see a restaurant full of flashing lights. Thanks to fanatical food documenters, who post photos of every morsel that enters their mouth on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and maybe Friendster, too, you just need to visit any moderately "buzzy" restaurant that hasn't banned cameras. It's about time someone got revenge for all the annoyance!

Luckily, the great parodists at The Key Of Awesome did just that last week, when they posted 'Eat It, Don't Tweet It' on YouTube. In just three minutes, 32 seconds, the viral video skewers every trope of social-media-aware gastronomical culture -- in song.

It even musters something of a little plot. Watch the video all the way through to the end if you don't want to miss its hilariously "ironical" ending.

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