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Eat Me: Spoken Word Video

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I would rather have an amazing meal over mediocre sex, who's with me?


Sumptuous, spicy wanderings through hills and alleys,
Cooking up adventures across oceans and through valleys.
When every taste has a flavor and
every moment is one you must savor.
When every delicacy is your beating heart,
And every meal, a savior.

Food such a part of the cycle of life,
Nostalgic smells of baking items
Or a late night greasy gutter side feed after a night out drinking
that keeps you out of strife.
And I'm an American born bit confused Strayan matye,
Eating Vietnamese rolls made by a German girl on a Thailand beach,
Drinking wine from New Zealand trees in a glass made in China

Imagining burritos
I'll make one day soon with kangaroo
On other culinary holidays in my own kitchen
Where I'll take you with me on a magic ride, as long as you are chopping too.
Red hot chillies mixed with lime,
Crunchy greens and fresh seafood,
Cheese and Sicilian olives,
Ecstatic bites every single time.
Coconut & strawberries,
Goats feta on pretty much everything
Especially avocado creaminess
And the pungent smell of fresh basil
Smeared generously on fresh sourdough rye bread......
Mmmm can you taste it?

Don't stop enjoying till your last meal,
And even then, while you're eating it, close your eyes & chew slowly,
because you still aren't dead.
I'm not afraid to tell you, food is one of my greatest loves.
Perhaps forever I'll have this belly to prove it, not hardbodied or hard boiled,
But soft and delicious, like healthy dough rising at dawn
But I'll take an abundance of curves & tasting plates,
I'd rather a sink piled with dishes and sucking the juice out of prawns
Than some unrealistic diet plan & bones,
calorie counting & stone cold stoves.
My kitchen is both a place and a state of mind,
a factory of deliciousness and decadence
Where you'll find an assembly line of cheese boards
And a constant plan for something more.
I refuse to stick with what I know,
Even if I am the tri state queen of the healthy Aussie-Mex burrito.
I want to eat weird stuff, and live to sweat it,
Explore other cuisines and possibly regret it,
I do draw the line at beef pizzle soup however
And other forms of penis & bbqd spiders,
But most things you can cook up with love for me,
I'll be brave, and swallow it down with a smile.
I'm going to eat like I love, messily and with my hands,
I'm going to love like I eat, with all my senses engaged and no concern for
How I might feel tomorrow.
Perfectly cooked eggs & thick bacon after a big night out,
A mojito full of limes, mint & sugar sipped as the sun is going down,
Brown flaky pastry holding steaming surprises inside,
Fish that melts in your mouth & tastes of the tide.....

So I'm going to feed my lover ice-cream on planes to far away places
And I'm going to remember all the meals one by one, as if they all had faces.
When I come back, lips still burning from chillies
I'll still savour the memories like hard boiled lollies,
Suck them gently & get every..last..drop.....
Of sugary goodness
And lick my lips with gusto
For another taste, in another place, anywhere good food calls home.