Celebrate Elvis' Birthday With These NYC Treats (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Celebrate Elvis' Bday With His Favorite Treats In NYC

In celebration of Elvis Presley's birthday this Saturday (can you believe the "king" would have been 76!) chow down on some of his favorite foods, NYC-style.

The king's diet is well-known and has spawned cookbooks, memorabilia and copycats. Though he was known to love BBQ bologna, fried squirrel and a pound cake that involved a pound of butter, 3 cups of sugar and 7 eggs, he is perhaps best known for eating fried peanut butter, banana, bacon and honey sandwiches.

You'd be surprised by the number of restaurants in New York who have taken the king's killer (literally) combination and put their own spin on it. Last spring, Shake Shack debuted a peanut butter & bacon burger special and the recently closed SarahJames in Brooklyn had a burger with banana tempura and peanut butter topping.

We've rounded up a small representation of NYC's finest versions of Elvis' favorites:

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