Eat Tweet : Recipes In 140-Character Twitterese, Decoded

2010-10-05-EatTweetJacketCover.jpg Eat Tweet is the world's first cookbook written entirely in Twitterese. The abbreviated form might be a little intimidating at first, but with the aid of the glossary, it will soon become like a second language for you, as it has for so many online readers of Recipes serve 3-4, and may be prepared using average-sized skillets, saucepans and casseroles.

Minimal instructions allow for a variety of successful implementations -- you can choose whether to cube or slice vegetables for a stew, and to bake cookies either pale-golden or deep brown -- rendering "perfection" irrelevant. Remember to implement your own judgment; it's the best kitchen tool you own!

Have fun, and santé!


Eat Tweet Recipes, Decoded