Eat Your Compost

Eat your compost. Really! Stop throwing away perfectly good food. Many vegetable tops and scraps (typically thrown away) can often be eaten from root to stem.
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Hi! I'm Julie Resnick, co-founder of feedfeed, a global community of people that love to cook, sharing the things they make on hashtag #feedfeed on social media.

Reviewing thousands of submissions on #feedfeed each day from our Instagram community, often times I'll see a recipe and have an aha! moment and wonder why I've never thought of a certain technique or flavor combination (i.e this amazing risotto style bucatini!).

I'm often asked, "What kinds of foods are trending in the world of home cooks, chefs, and bloggers on #feedfeed?" so I will be writing an ongoing column tackling just that.

When I started coming across recipes made from food scraps used in prepared meals, I knew I had to dig a little deeper. We've all seen the nose to tail dining go mainstream, so why not root to stem?

So eat your compost...Really! Stop throwing away perfectly good food; many vegetable tops and scraps (typically thrown away) can often be eaten from root to stem.

Pickled Chard Stems

Photo/ Recipe by HeartbeetKitchen

This might be my favorite example of innovative root to stem cooking and will serve to dress up any salad or complement a burger instead of a pickle!

Broccoli Stem Marrow drizzled with Chives and Miso Butter

Photo / Recipe by Hiram Camillo

Get in touch with your inner chef. This loose riff on a bone marrow dish can be served as an appetizer or side dish. Edible flowers are optional!

Pineapple Peel Vinegar

Photo / Recipe by One Tomato Two Tomato

If you love a good shrub (drinking vinegar) for cocktails, spritzers and even vinaigrettes, make your own Pineapple Peel Vinegar and say goodbye to some of your food waste.

Juice Scrap Burgers


Photo / Recipe by Anne Christine

If you dislike the bland flavor of a grocery store veggie burgers use juice scraps for delicious and nutritious veggie burgers!

Orange and Apple Peel Tea

Photo / Recipe by Mitzy at Home

We all throw way too many peals, which often contain the most concentrated and interesting component of flavor in the fruits? Tea is the perfect way to harness that flavor!

For more recipes and tips for what you can make from your squash skins, beet greens, juice scraps, and more, check out the full round-up and more recipes on the feedfeed website.

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