Scary Video Shows What It's Like To Be Eaten By A Crocodile

Here's a "dinner's-eye view."

This is "Jaws," reptile-style.

Filmmakers for National Geographic captured a crocodile attack from the prey's perspective, providing a "dinner's-eye view" to show just how ferocious these reptiles can be.

The filmmakers lured the Australian crocs with GoPro-rigged mini-boats, and the crocs bit on nine occasions, allowing the cameras into their jaws.

National Geographic says it is likely the first time a saltwater croc attack has been filmed from the inside of its mouth. "I definitely have an enormous respect for the creature," one of the filmmakers, photographer Trevor Frost, said in the YouTube description.

Be glad it's the gizmo that got chomped and not you. According to Animal Planet, a saltwater croc is the biggest reptile on the planet. It can grow to 23 feet and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds.

And it has a bite to match its heft. Both National Geographic and Science Daily note the animal has a bite force of 3,700 pounds per square inch, the most ever recorded. (The video's YouTube description says it could have an upper range of 5,000 pounds per square inch.)

"In fact," says National Geographic, "their bite forces may rival that of mighty T. rex."

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