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Let Action Bronson Show You The Right Way To Eat With A Beard

Action Bronson is a hip-hop artist and beard-grower extraordinaire. The rapper is currently touring to promote his album "Mr. Wonderful," while at the same time hosting the Vice food series "F***, That's Delicious." In his free time, Bronson also found the time to share some tips on bearded dining etiquette.

In a video shot for Nylon, Bronson tackles four foods that are typically tough for guys with beards to eat. Watch and learn:

1. Noodles
To eat noodles and avoid beard mess, grasp your beard, swoop it to the side and continue to twirl your pasta.

2. Melted ice cream
For this particular dish, Bronson recommends using "the dress" technique, which means putting a napkin over your beard. Then, just spread your mustache to each side and insert your spoon.

3. Chicken noodle soup
With soup, Bronson says it all boils down to calculating the optimal spoon size. Part the 'stache again, and proceed with your appropriately proportioned spoonful of soup.

4. Cotton Candy
Bronson's only advice is "F*** it." Basically, you're totally gonna get some of this deliciousness in your beard.

For more beard eating (and drinking!) tips, we recommend checking out this handy Beardfellows YouTube tutorial.

And just remember -- even if you can't keep your beard clean and pristine when you eat, don't worry. Just having a beard makes you more attractive than those who don't.

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