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11 Ways You've Been Eating Your Food All Wrong (VIDEOS)

You probably don't know how to eat apples, peel bananas, or properly use takeout boxes. Shame on you.

Our friends at Foodbeast have become legendary for schooling the world on how to eat. We had no idea that so many of you had such difficulty getting food into your mouths, but apparently you do -- a mind-blowing video that demonstrates how we've been eating apples wrong our whole lives was one of HuffPost Taste's top-performing stories of 2013. This leads us to believe that you might be starving to death, or that you really like being told you're wrong. In both cases, we're happy to help keep you informed.

In case you've missed these great nuggets of eating how-to, we've bundled them here for your viewing pleasure. Whether you're eating your takeout wrong, peeling your bananas wrong, or just plain biting down wrong, we'll just say "you're welcome" and be on our way.

#1: You've been eating apples all wrong.
If you're biting around an apple, you're doing it wrong. Here's the correct way: If you eat it from top to bottom (or vice versa), it essentially eliminates the core. We know this sounds impossible, but we've tried it and we've been converted. Did we mention this lets you eat 15-30% more apple? Read the full story
#2: You've been pouring out your Tic Tacs all wrong.
Stop shaking your Tic Tacs ... we bet you never knew the packaging includes a handy built-in dispenser. Right? The best part: This method is QUIET, meaning everyone won't want to murder you the next time you need a Tic Tac at a movie theater. Read the full story
#3: You've been using your Chinese takeout boxes all wrong.
The box folds into a plate. THE BOX FOLDS INTO A PLATE, GUYS. Read the full story
#4: You've been eating strawberries all wrong.
Straw/strawberries. Why didn't we figure this out earlier? With this method of popping off the stem, you waste the least strawberry flesh. Read the full story
#5: You've been eating cupcakes all wrong.
The best way to prevent frosting from getting all over your nose? Turn it into a sandwich. Watch. Read the full story
#6: You've been sipping from a soda can all wrong.
That tab is there for a REASON. Learn how to use it.Read the full story
#7: You've been eating takeout ketchup all wrong.
Those tiny paper cups FAN OUT, allowing you more square footage for dipping. Read the full story
#8: You've been peeling bananas all wrong.
Do it like humans do (from the stem), and you're a fool -- the tough stem bends and bruises the fruit, and often snaps off. Do it like the monkeys do (from the bottom), and you're golden. Read the full story
#9: You've been peeling oranges all wrong.
You thought Clementines were easy to eat BEFORE. Now you don't even have to peel them. Read the full story
#10: You're eating Fage yogurt all wrong.
If you've ever wondered why Fage yogurt's fruit comes in a side cup, wonder no longer. The packaging features perforations that encourage you to tilt and squeeze the fruit cup into the yogurt. Game changer. Read the full story
#11: And finally, you're just plain BITING DOWN wrong.

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