New Perfume Clinically Proven To Attract Men (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Perfume Is Proven To Make Men Flirt With You

Coco Chanel is said to have quipped, "A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed." With this new perfume, a woman can also instruct men how to flirt.

Brought to us by the "Early" Show, Eau Flirt claims to be "clinically proven" to make men flirt back with its wearer. The product's clever advertising alleges that the fragrance will "cast a spell without a word."

Eau Flirt promises to attract men by using scientifically proven key scents. The $23 billion-a-year perfume industry hasn't used such science too often before, but Eau Flirt is challenging this status quo by trying special scents in clinical studies to lure men in.

According to the Boston Globe, Eau Flirt was developed by Harvard grad Shaan Hathiramani through a series of focus groups and blind smell tastes. The scents used, pumpkin and lavender, released "strong positive scent associations" among the male testers. Sounds promising... right?

Although there's no scientific evidence as of yet, "smell tests" conducted by CBS showed that the unique perfume came out victorious when put up against Chanel's legendary No. 5.

So what do you think -- breakthrough science or clever advertising?


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