eBay CEO Calls Amazon Drones A 'Long-Term Fantasy'

If you're skeptical of Amazon's plan for delivery drones, you're not the only one.

Ebay CEO John Donahoe dismissed Amazon's drone plans as "long-term fantasies" in a Bloomberg TV interview on Friday.

When asked if eBay had anything like delivery drones in the works, Donahoe responded: "We're not really focusing on long-term fantasies. We're focusing on things that will change consumers' experience today."

"So you think it's a long-term fantasy?" asked Bloomberg's Emily Chang.

"We'll see," said Donahoe.

Many were suspicious of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' announcement earlier this month, just ahead of Cyber Monday, that the company wants to deploy delivery drones. These would deliver small items to people in about 30 minutes, according to Bezos.

It's not clear if or how Amazon's plan will ever come to fruition, given current FAA regulations. Some have suggested the whole idea was just a publicity stunt.

eBay currently has a one-hour local delivery system called eBay Now, delivering items from local stores in an hour for a $5 fee. Take that, Amazon.

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