eBay State Map Reveals All Your Neighbors' Quirky Shopping Habits (And Yours, Too)

The State With The Oddest Online Shopping Habit Is...

While you'd like to blame that compulsive purchase of rainbow-colored Adirondack chairs on a moment of mid-winter delirium, the state where you live might actually offer more insight on your shopping habits.

According to an infographic created by eBay, the items people purchased the most over the last year can be categorized by state. Virginians, for example, have purchased their share of patio and gardening supplies, while their neighbors in North Carolina are racking up on baby gear. We're partial to vintage home decor (though eBay has our home state of New York pegged otherwise) and it appears that Arkansas and Illinois residents are into decorating, too.

Check out what your neighbors are buying in the infographic below.

ebay state map

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