'Ebenezer Scrooge' Bandit Robs Bank, Uses Holiday Choir As Distraction

There's a bank robber on the loose in Texas, and his name is "Ebenezer Scrooge."

Investigators in the FBI Houston division dubbed an unidentified man the "Ebenezer Scrooge" bandit after he used a holiday choir performance as a distraction to rob a bank.

According to a statement released by the FBI, the robber entered the JPMorgan Chase Bank on 712 Main Street in Houston around 11:42 a.m. Wednesday. He handed a teller a note and repeated the demand for cash aloud.

The bank employee then handed the man an undisclosed amount of cash, and the man proceeded to walk out the way he came in -- through a crowd of concertgoers in the lobby of the building.

Apparently, the choir performance was not interrupted, and none of the holiday revelers even took notice of the robbery. The man was reportedly spotted leaving the area on foot.

"It's not uncommon that others go about their business and don't realize what has occurred," FBI spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap told the Houston Chronicle -- especially when a robber uses a demand note, she added.

The FBI is asking for any information about this case, and Houston's Crime Stoppers is offering a reward. But, for the time being, it looks like "Scrooge" won this round.



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