What Do Ebola And OKCupid Have In Common?

"Dating and panic attacks, what fun!"

The adorable comedy duo behind the queer web series "Tough Love" are back with this season's second episode, after splitting the fist episode into two parts over the last two weeks.

In "Germs" we see Blaire Wendel's character's anxieties in her post-breakup haze manifest themselves in an illogical fear that she'll capture the Ebola virus. We also see creator Steven Bell's character chill out a little bit and finally nail a successful -- albeit complicated -- first date.

“This is an exciting episode! Dating and panic attacks, what fun," Bell joked with The Huffington Post. "This episode was inspired by what it feels like to be a New Yorker when a pandemic breaks out. Awhile back Ebola was a popping up all over the place and killing people, and when you have to ride a subway next to someone who’s pissing themselves and spitting everywhere, it’s a terrifying thing. So we had a lot of fun representing every New Yorker’s public transit anxieties through the character of Blaire this episode. We also get to see Steven on his first ever successful date with a boy named Tyler. Tyler, is the perfect mix of awkward and charming. He’s got his own quirks and insecurities, and that makes him a great match for Steven.” 

You can watch this second episode of the third season of "Tough Love" above. Missed the first episode? Head here for parts one and two.



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