This Is What Doctors Wear To Protect Themselves Against Ebola In West Africa

When a contagious virus has a high fatality rate, you must take measures to protect yourself from contracting it -- especially if it's your job to come into contact with patients who have it.

Enter the Personal Protection Equipment worn by doctors in West Africa, who are on the front lines of the worst Ebola virus outbreak in history. At this point, you've likely seen images of doctors wearing the gear, which involves a layer of scrubs, rubber boots, an impermeable Tyvek suit and hood, a respirator and googles. TIME put together a video explaining each element of the Personal Protection Equipment suit, which you can watch above.

Because the Ebola virus can only be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids, the suits are meant to protect the wearer from directly touching any contaminated fluids. Infection control, through sterilization of equipment and surfaces, is also extremely important, since the virus can also be contracted through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Ebola Outbreak