Ebony Magazine Launches Redesigned Website

Ebony magazine, the oldest and largest black publication, debuted it's redesigned website today.

Under the direction of Ebony's editor-in-chief Amy DuBois Barnett and Johnson Publishing Company's CEO Desiree Rogers, the site aims to be a daily destination that will cover news, entertainment, lifestyle, health, business, relationships, style and beauty as it concerns the African-American community.

"The ultimate goal of the website is to continue to extend the Ebony brand experience, with the magazine obviously being at the core," Barnett told HuffPost Black Voices. "But we want fans of Ebony to experience it in a completely different way."

To optimize that experience Barnett employed Code and Theory, the powerhouse design firm that created sleek and sexy sites for and The Daily Beast.'s redesign took about 5 months and Barnett believes the site's fresh new design will strike a cord with readers of all ages.

The 67-year-old magazine also underwent an extensive redesign last April--which garnered lots of positive attention thanks to covers featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, a nude (and pregnant) Nia Long and its current February issue with the cast of George Lucas' "Red Tails."

According to, Ebony finished 2011 with a solid ad page bump — an uptick of 8.6 percent and after missing it's circulation numbers by 20.2 percent in 2010, it triumphantly met its goal at the end of 2011.

With the magazine gaining stream, its sights are set on attracting younger readers--without alienating their loyal, albeit older fans.

"The thing that Ebony can do uniquely is offer a bridge between the past and the present," says Barnett.

The spankin' new website will definitely do the trick, with content ranging from Beyonce to Gingrich. And so will the success of Ebony's recently launched Tumblr page. The page is a virtual treasure trove of archived covers and advertisements--perfect for those that like pouring over fun vintage visuals, reminiscing on days gone by and simply just love Ebony.