Ebony Responds To 'Trayvon' Cover Backlash With Awesomely Snarky Tweets

While we're fans of Ebony's powerful "We Are Trayvon" covers for its September issue, you can always count on the chorus of haters ready, willing and able to voice their insidious opinions.

However, Ebony isn't too worried about them since it's safe to assume that most -- if not all -- of its naysayers don't subscribe to the publication or would never even buy it. The glossy made that point known via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon with snarky and spot on responses to the backlash:

The bigoted responses were endless, and quite ridiculous. For example, one commenter said: "Join the movement? You must mean blame all other races for black society's problems... How about you raise your kids better and not hand them over to the streets, jayz, lil wayne or pacman jones.. Stop selling drugs go to school no more pimping women." And another one who had this to say: "Trayvon could only dream of having better parents that would have taught him to be a young man instead of a hoodlum."

Check out the Ebony covers HERE. What do you think of all the hoopla?



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