Eckhart Tolle, Author Of 'A New Earth,' Goes 'Soul To Soul' With Oprah (VIDEO)


As the author of best-selling books A New Earth and The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle has written extensively about being fully present and developing an enlightened sense of awareness. Whether he's discussing the secret to stress-free living or explaining how to truly connect with God, Tolle's teachings have captivated many -- especially fans of OWN's "Super Soul Sunday."

When Tolle sat down with Oprah for a profound conversation about consciousness, he also tackled some of life's biggest questions in a rapid-fire segment.

Oprah says, "Finish this sentence: 'The world needs…'"

"Spiritual awakening," Tolle answers.

"'I believe in...'" Oprah begins.

"Nothing in particular," he says.

This answer derails Oprah's questions as she bursts into laughter. "That cracks me up!" she tells Tolle.

Composing herself, she continues. "Okay. 'Love is…'"

"The recognition of yourself, the essence of yourself, in the other," Tolle says. "You recognize yourself in the other. The oneness. The recognition of oneness."

"Wow. That is love. That's a good definition," Oprah says before continuing her questions. "'I'm grateful for...'"

"I'm grateful for, always, this moment," Tolle responds. "The now. No matter what form it takes."

Beginning Sunday, March 23, at 12 p.m. ET, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle present a 10-part series airing for the first time on television, taking viewers on a chapter-by-chapter journey through "A New Earth." The series debut airs immediately following the season premiere of "Super Soul Sunday."

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