Eckhart Tolle's Guide To Finding Peace Through Nature

How Nature Can Help Us Reconnect With Ourselves

Eckhart Tolle, one of the world’s leading and most beloved spiritual teachers and the best-selling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, brings his teachings to The Huffington Post in the first-ever Eckhart Tolle GPS Guide below.

Eckhart Tolle’s profound, yet simple teachings reveal a path to inner peace and true happiness. This guide was inspired by the video filmed for Eckhart Tolle TV, A Walk In Nature with Eckhart Tolle, in which Eckhart guides viewers on a walk through the majestic California redwood trees, for an unprecedented journey of stillness and contemplation.

Eckhart explains how we can be the alert awareness behind our sense perceptions -- listening to the subtle sounds and watching the environment around us -- to experience the sacredness of nature that connects us to the stillness within ourselves. Eckhart teaches us that nature is a pathway to free ourselves from our mind’s preoccupation with ourselves -- helping us to transcend the trap of only paying attention to the limited self. Nature helps us connect to our essence, who we are on a deeper level, which goes far beyond the thinking mind.

To bring peace and calm into your day, scroll through Eckhart Tolle’s guide below.

Nature Frees You From The Limited Self
eckhart video 1

In this video, Eckhart talks about the contemplation of nature as a pathway to free you from the preoccupation with yourself. If you are alert enough in nature, your personality recedes and you don’t remember your past or what’s going on in your life; everything is replaced with alert awareness. Nature can help you transcend that trap of only paying attention to that limited self.

Nature Nourishes The Soul
eckhart video 3

In this video, Eckhart shares that being in nature is very healing and nourishes the soul. However, you need to be present; if you’re engaged in continuous thinking then you are not really aware present of the moment.

For more on A Walk In Nature, click the image below:

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