Eckhart Tolle On Why Some People Attract Drama And Conflict (VIDEO)

Do you find yourself attracting unwanted drama? Bestselling spiritual author Eckhart Tolle says you may be the problem.

On their "A New Earth" series, Tolle and Oprah address a question from a woman always seems to find herself in an argument.

"I attract negativity," Lorraine writes. "It seems that my whole world is one big fight. I just want people to stop instigating fights with me. I don't deliberately go out and begin conflict but it comes to me. I hate it. I just want peace. What's the problem?"

"Whatever you experience repeatedly and frequently externally is a reflection of your inner state," Tolle says. "So you attract certain things into your life that reflect your state of consciousness."

He advises Lorraine to become more aware of her present state. "Become more aware of what emotion she's feeling at any given moment," he says.

"Because Lorraine could not be attracting fights and conflict unless she was emanating that energy," Oprah suggests.

"Yes," Tolle nods.

The conversation continues on "Oprah and Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth," a 10-part series airing Sundays at 12 p.m. ET on OWN.