Eco Dollhouse For Barbie Made From Sustainably Sourced Wood, Inspired By IKEA (PHOTOS)

Barbie doesn't have the best environmental track record, even as the iconic plastic doll vowed to shed some of her environmentally destructive ways last week.

But now, designers have created a modern eco-friendly dollhouse inspired by IKEA with a sustainable twist. Made out of locally and sustainably sourced wood from solid oak and birch plywood, there's also a line of modern IKEA-like furniture for the miniature house.

"We make every single piece by hand, paying attention to details, highest quality and safety," Miniio told The Huffington Post by email. "We use wood, stone, metal and some ultra modern non-toxic, food safe, great looking safe materials."

"It is a little bit like IKEA for Barbie -- decent design at affordable prices, just downsized and much less assembly required," Miniio wrote.

Despite the company's Italian name and Swedish inspired design, Miniio is a Polish firm.

Prices start at $120 for the single dollhouse pictured below, but if you want the full complete two level dollhouse with furniture, that'll come to $220.

The good news? It'll take you less time to put this together than your standard IKEA flatpack furniture.

This isn't the first time a Barbie dollhouse has been presented with an eco design. In August, Mattel and the American Institute of Architects invited architects to design an eco-Barbie dream house. The winning entry from the competition was made from all locally sourced materials, came with solar panels, operable shading, bamboo flooring and a low-flow toilets. At the time, there were no plans to turn the design into an actual dollhouse.

The import of unsustainable and illegal timber is a leading causes of deforestation, which is responsible for a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But not all wood is bad. According to California Redwood Association's report, unlike steel, plastics and concrete, wood can actually be a renewable building source. It can also be farmed from sustainable sources and is recyclable and biodegradable, according to the report.

See images of these incredible IKEA-like miniature pieces of furniture and different dollhouses created by Miniio.

IKEA Barbie Doll House