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10 Beauty Gift Ideas For Your Friends Who Care About The Planet

There's nothing more beautiful than caring about the earth.

This holiday season, give some gifts you (and your giftees) can really feel good about.

There are plenty of beauty brands taking an eco-friendly approach to beauty. Some use sustainably sourced, naturally derived (sometimes certified organic) ingredients, others put an emphasis on recycled and recyclable packaging. And some do both. Buying an eco-friendly beauty product is a win-win: You can feel better about what you’re putting on your skin and back into the world.

Below, we’ve rounded up great beauty gift ideas from some of our favorite eco-conscious brands ― perfect for the beauty-obsessed eco-warriors on your list.

Check them out below:

Herbivore Dead Sea Soaking Salts
Herbivore products are natural, chemical-free and nontoxic. Plus, they're made with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Get Herbivore Dead Sea soaking salts for $18.
Lush Magic Crystals Gift Box
Lush has been at the forefront of sustainably minded beauty since day one. The company uses the least amount of packaging possible (sometimes, that means none) and 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials for its plastic pots, store bags and gift wrapping.
Get the Lush Magic Crystals gift box for $49.95.
Andalou Naturals Brightening Kit
Andalou Naturals is the first beauty brand to achieve non-GMO Project Verified status, according to its website. The company uses certified organic, sustainably sourced, fair-trade ingredients in its always cruelty-free products.

Get the Andalou Naturals brightening kit for $19.99.
Cosmos Gift Set
Cosmos is a plant-based skin care company that makes its products ― many of which contain organic ingredients ― and its packaging in the United States. All of the packaging is also reusable, compostable and recyclable.

Get the Cosmos gift set for $108.
BYBI Bye Bye Dry Skin Set
U.K.-based BYBI is a beauty brand with a focus on using 100 percent naturally derived ingredients with no synthetic ingredients. The brand also uses plastic derived from sugarcane (which is recyclable) and boasts carbon-neutral delivery. Get the BYBI Bye Bye Dry Skin set for approx. $46.
Tata Harper Let There Be Light Holiday Set
Tata Harper is another brand at the forefront of the sustainable beauty movement. The brand uses mostly glass packaging, which is recyclable, and plastic derived from corn. It also uses recycled paper for its boxes and soy ink for printing.

Get the Tata Harper Let There Be Light holiday set for $92
Kjaer Weis The Glow Kit
Kjaer Weis
What we love most about Kjaer Weis, an organic luxury beauty brand, is its intelligent refill program, which really cuts down on the need for excessive packaging.

Get the Kjaer Weis The Glow Kit (available in two color combos) for $105.
Meow Meow Tweet Migrator Kit
Meow Meow Tweet
Meow Meow Tweet is another naturally derived beauty brand with a focus on using the least amount of plastic possible. The brand's products are wrapped in paper or bottled in glass containers, which can be recycled.

Get the Meow Meow Tweet migrator kit for $48.
LOLI Beauty Matcha Coconut Paste
LOLI Beauty
LOLI Beauty considers itself the first zero-waste organic beauty brand. Its products come in food-grade glass jars that can be reused again and again. Additionally, LOLI eliminates 95 percent of water, fillers, synthetics and chemicals from its products, according to its website.

Get LOLI Beauty matcha coconut paste for $48.
Elate Capsule Beauty Box
Elate lists sustainability as a crucial part of its brand. All of its product casings ― palettes, compacts and tools ― are made from bamboo, and it sells refills wrapped in seed paper.

Get the Elate Capsule beauty box for $128.

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