Eco-Friendly Cleaning Bags -- Say no to Plastic!

Now there seems to be an answer to appeal to both the consumer and dry cleaner that makes "green sense:" The Green Garmento garment bag.
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Dry Cleaners have been accused, over the last few years, of utilizing the green movement for their own benefit without really stepping up and making change.

For example, switching from one toxic solvent to another equally damaging to the environment. Many in the dry cleaning industry state that the latest solvent, DF-2000 is eco-friendly, yet the EPA and environmentalists say otherwise. In fact, the EPA lists DF-2000 as a neurotoxin and skin and eye irritant for workers; and its use can contribute to smog and global warming.

An equally hot topic dry cleaners are having to deal with environmentalists on -- single-use bags, which are used to protect each garment after cleaning.

Each year, the government estimates that over three hundred million pounds (300,000,000) of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags wind up in America's landfills and kill wildlife. Even with many dry cleaning professionals offering reuse-recycle drop off programs for hangers and bags, many clients are not taking advantage of them, opting to toss the bags instead of recycling them.

Now there seems to be an answer to appeal to both the consumer and dry cleaner that makes "green sense."

The Green Garmento is a reusable dry cleaning laundry bag, which turns into a duffle bag to carry clothes to the cleaner. The cleaner can then turn the Green Garmento into a hanging garment bag to protect clean clothes for the trip home, eliminating the need for single-use plastic garment covers. Garmento bags are easy to use, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and most importantly, are easy on our environment.
The company says, "though the concept itself is not revolutionary, the product is poised to create a revolution."

As they say in marketing, timing is everything. In the case of filling the need for both the dry cleaner and consumer, The Green Garmento's timing couldn't be more timely.


The Green Garmento co-presidents, Jennie Nigrosh and Rick Siegel, believe their patented product answers the needs of both the consumer and the dry cleaning industry. "We know the dry cleaning industry is doing everything possible to be 'greener,' just not at the expense of their survival," says Siegel. "In using the same recyclable material, polypropylene, that the large supermarket chains are offering, we've created a durable, attractive alternative that most people can afford."

Adds Nigrosh, "While our product cuts down on the carbon footprint of dry cleaning, we are also concerned about keeping the costs down so more people would be motivated to make the change."

With the consumer being educated and conditioned to bring their own grocery bags to the supermarket, it seems to be the next transition into how they handle their dry cleaning.

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