It occurs to me every day that I sprang forth upon the Earth from my mother's womb and still today do I rest in thanks for all she has done and all that she continues to do for my well being. And in all honestly, I have done far too little in gratitude for my mother and father, but to my mother I dedicate this short piece.

I cannot ever fully understand the strength of women as they walk the Gaian organism that today is so dominated by men, fools we have been, but there is hope for a better world in lockstep, men and women, women and men, walking the Earth together as equals. The battle for equal rights between the genders is far from over and to many, such as Ken Wilbur, began due to a severe misinterpretation of duties bestowed to the sexes long ago.

In his magnum opus, Sex, Ecology and Spirituality, Ken Wilbur introduced myself to an idea that caught me quite by surprise as I read a passage in the volume that spoke of the activities of men and women as the agricultural revolution commenced, forcing our primitive hunter gather ways into the realms of field work and domestic life. Wilbur suggests that the onset of this tremendous change in how humans survived threw us from the hunter-gather lifestyle into a rather messy period where the sexes learned, through practice, the most beneficial order of life towards greater group survival. Honestly I was surprised at reaching his point. Wilbur concluded that women working the fields at the onset of the birth of agriculture accumulated a higher incidence of miscarriages than those who worked within the domestic reality, strictly, the problem being the stoppage of women working the fields during pregnancy was unfortunately overlooked. The agricultural civilizations recognized this trend of miscarriage effectively rendering men to work primarily within the fields of crops and livestock, while women more routinely found their "place" in domestic affairs, not to say there are not special cases, where the roles are switched. Wilbur notes that at the beginning of this trend the agricultural peoples were quite egalitarian, both men and women enjoying a sense of equality, until men begun to justify their misinformed superiority over women, an intellectual pathway most likely due to the incidence of food crises or famine. Men controlling the food systems, the very life-force of society, brought to their respective homes their justification for rule over the land, "I bring home dinner, so I'm more important to our group than everything you do for our group." Unfortunate indeed and thus spun us into the current blunder we all live, the ever-present inequality of the sexes.

And here we do stand, alongside each other, all people, individuals capable of amazing things regardless of gender, race, or whatever. Together as equals I consider all those who walk this plane of existence who work in cooperation for a better tomorrow, that I hope I can enjoy with all, but my imaginative mind quickly shudders in that utterance knowing full well that the work we do towards a sustainable world human civilization in cooperation with each other in hoped for equivalence is for those that lie within generations yet to walk this feminine and male Gaian Spaceship Earth.

We live our lives in coordination with the other, amongst the vast interactive ecosystem that is Mother Earth and Father Sun, a very real and present expression of the Divine feminine and masculine in cooperation in our individual and group creative modes and methodologies. Equal we all exist, though our eyes may look upon friends, passersby, as superiors or inferiors, we all truly are God incarnate, expressing the very essence of life at its most creative potentialities, we must reach out and grab that which calls us home, asks us into action within the economic systems we have co-created, Women, Man, Creature, Rockface, Crystal Cavern, Time itself only being our interpretation of change, delta. Though I pause, and wonder, realize I am a Man and have no clue how advantaged I am as a result of being born a male and surrender to the movement towards equality I wish to someday see.