Economic Woes Are Mounting Across America

As politicians and policymakers in Washington struggle to control the damage from the housing crisis, the banks' credit crunch, $4 a gallon gasoline, rising food prices and mounting unemployment, McClatchy newspapers from North Carolina to California reported Sunday that the bad economic news is beginning to bite in their areas.

The Sacramento Bee reports that although the numbers say the economy is still growing, residents there are starting to tighten their belts. "I feel like I'm struggling," Sarah Joyal, a nurse who makes $100,000 a year, told the Bee. Farther south in California's Central Valley, the Modesto Bee reported that foreclosures are leaving more people there living in limbo.

In America's heartland, rising fuel costs are putting trucking firms in Kansas out of business, reports the Wichita Eagle, and more people are chasing fewer jobs at employment centers around Kansas City, according to The Kansas City Star.

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