Ed Asner Guests On 'The Middle' And Has A Few Choice Words For Mike And Frankie (VIDEO)

Wanting a pair of night vision goggles, Brick was shocked to find out his parents expected him to earn the money to buy them himself on "The Middle" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET on ABC). In turn, Mike and Frankie were even more shocked when he went out and found a job. Brick had signed up to deliver the local newspaper.

But it turned out that he doesn't have a natural aptitude for the task, and suddenly Mike and Frankie found themselves doing it for him, which suited Brick just fine. It also allowed the couple to fight out an issue over Mike having a secret stash of batteries that Frankie stumbled upon after ten years. She did lose a bit of her indignation when he told her he knew about her stash of cake frosting.

Still, the job proved more than they wanted to take on, so they headed in to quit for Brick. Only the paper owner, played by the classically crusty Ed Asner, wasn't going to just take that lying down. He had plenty of choice comments about their parenting style and skills, really talking about the parenting -- or lack thereof -- of the entire current generation.

In the end, his character guilted the family into sticking with the paper route, only Brick went along and helped this time around. And he earned enough for those night vision goggles, so it was a lesson well learned and a gift well earned.

On the other side of the spectrum, Axl was inexplicably nice to Sue -- especially considering when she thought she was getting her braces removed, she instead came back with head gear -- in light of her wrestling boyfriend moving to another town and breaking up with her.

"The Middle" leads off ABC's strong Wednesday night lineup at 8 p.m. ET every week.

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