Ed Burns Advertising Week Video: The Future of Movies

Ed Burns: The Future Of Movies Is Beyond The Theater

While 3-D megafilms and action-packed blockbusters continue to drive box office sales, attendance an independent movie houses is rapidly declining as consumers flock to iTunes, Netflix, and OnDemand services for their movie viewing needs.

HuffPost Tech's Bianca Bosker talked with actor and filmmaker, Ed Burns, about the future of movies. As a filmmaker, Burns laments but accepts the movement of his audience away from traditional theaters.

"The audience is home. They're comfortable in their living rooms and they're used to watching all the great cable programming and that's our audience. They just aren't going out to the theater anymore," he said. "It's our job to fall out of love with theatrical and embrace this new platform...I'm much more pragmatic. I just want you to see the film, hopefully enjoy the story, have a laugh."

Burns likens the experience of watching movies on iPhones to his own movie consumption as a young film student. "I'm watching VHS on a 12 inch blanc and white television in my dorm," he said. "My iPhone is a hell of a lot better than that image!"

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