Ed Burns And Wife Christy Turlington's First Meeting Is One For The Books

Before marrying in 2004, the couple crossed paths when Burns fetched Turlington a cup of coffee.

Production assistants, take note: it may seem improbable, but some day that beautiful supermodel you're fetching coffee for could very well become your wife.

That's how Ed Burns first met his spouse Christy Turlington, he recounted in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Monday.

"I was a production assistant at a television show ['Entertainment Tonight'], and we interviewed Christy back when I was just a lowly PA," explained the "Public Morals" creator. "I had to get her a cup of coffee. Fortunately she was very nice."

And though the world-famous Turlington doesn't remember it, the encounter is one the veteran actor will never forget.

"She has no memory of it, but of course, [as] the PA who gets to meet Christy Turlington, I remember it very well," Burns said.

The two would ultimately meet formally years later -- "through mutual friends" -- and get married. If that's not an inspirational story from a PA job, then what is?

Watch more from Ed Burns' conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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